A mattress is a mattress; why pay it so much attention? If you are saying this, you must be one of those persons who get up grumpy in the morning complaining of a backache or restless sleep. Well, if you have investigated all the reasons that can cause a backache ranging from a sitting job or tiring lifestyle; let us now help you identify the real culprit. It is your MATTRESS that is giving you back ache and making your sleep time a nightmare!
Let us first tell you how a bad mattress impacts you –
A bad mattress is not good for spine; it may cause you some serious health problems in future since your spine is what controls your nervous system. A mattress indeed impacts your spinal alignment; that’s how you at a risk of attracting some serious troubles if you continue to ignore the quality of your mattress.
A bad mattress is the biggest reason for a restless sleep. In fact, studies have pointed out that Insomnia starts with a bad mattress.
Too much turning and twisting over the night because of an uncomfortable mattress would leave you energy-less for the day. It would also affect the health of your skin and hair.
And finally, it is a bad mattress that would deform your body structure and posture. You may end up with a stooped back or some serious lower back pain owing to the regular use of a bad mattress.
Now you must be thinking of deciding whether your mattress is good or bad. Well, the question in your mind must be – how to decide whether a mattress is good or bad for your body. Let us help you in this regard as well.
There are many parameters that define the quality of a mattress. Explained below are the few important ones which you should look into before buying a mattress.

Comfort type – As such there are many types of mattress ranging from innerspring, foam, air mattress, floating etc. Some are firmer while some offer a spring type feel. Choose the one which gives you highest comfort. Foundation: The fHowever, the best quality mattress is supposed to have a box spring which absorbs stress and weight.
Rigidness vs Flexibility – Some mattress are quite firm but that may end up hurting your back. While some are too flexible and again this is not beneficial for spinal alignment. So what we recommend is choosing a mattress that neither sags nor are too firm.
Durability – No one buys a mattress for one year; a mattress is always considered a long-term product. So durability is a big factor in deciding whether a mattress is good or bad. Some manufacturers offer the best quality and even warranty as well. It is wise to spend money in these even if they cost a bit high. After all, why make compromises in the joy of sleeping!
And now the most important thing – mattress needs to be changed every eight years! Even if it is as good as new, changing a mattress as per the scientific trends of current times is like investing in good health. So take a look at your mattress. If it is old, dirty and worn out; go ahead and buy the most comfortable one. So that you sleep like a child – happy and fully relaxed!

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